Robotics Lab

At CCCIR’s Computer Vision and Robotics Lab, we address fundamental questions in computer vision, machine learning, image and signal processing – especially their applications in real-world problems. The Computer Vision and Robotics Lab is a centre not only to study a wide range of problems related to the acquisition, processing and understanding of digital images, it also provides the best Computer Vision and Robotics training courses for talent development.

The Computer Vision and Robotics Lab conducts research on innovation within five areas of application: 

  1. Data Science & AI Development
  2. Risk Prediction for Healthcare and Medical applications
  3. Autonomous Agents and Intelligent Robots
  4. Human centered robotics
  5. Small satellites.


CCCIR’s Computer Vision and Robotics Lab has conducted some of the best cutting-edge research in image and signal processing in collaboration with leading corporate giants and research agencies.

Stress and Emotion Monitoring using EEG

We’ve developed a unique algorithm to determine and monitor stress and therefore emotions using EEG signals that are recorded from the brain signals.

Automated Algorithms for Depth of Anesthesia

In association with NIDHI-EIR, we have created a Depth of Anesthesia (DOA) to monitor for precise determination of the anesthesia status of patients during general anesthesia.


Our team of Scientists have published their findings in some of the leading SCOPUS and International journals. These published articles have had several citations in the relevant world of technology and innovation.


The fine balance of academicians and industry researchers have put together leading and updated courses to help new scientists interested to research in Computer Vision and Robotics. These are in-depth and hands-on courses for a research-oriented understanding of the subjects.

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Dr. Cyril Prasanna Raj P

Director CIRCC

“We create world-changing solutions that make people safer, healthier and more productive”

CIRCC’s got that rare mix of people, creativity, technical diversity and excellence, and flexibility to pursue longer-range goals.  Of course there are no guarantees, but CIRCC provides the tools for a motivated person to make things happen.