Cambrian Consultancy Center & Industry Research

CCCIR started with a commitment towards solving mankind’s pressing and profound scientific problems, leading to the discovery and design of ground-breaking products and technologies. Since then, CCCIR has become a collaborative platform for domestic and international researchers and innovators, a learning and development space for growing researchers, a ground to drive innovative thinking and develop solutions addressing global challenges.

Four arms of CCCIR includes: 

  • Research & Development
  • Research & Consultancy
  • Training & Development
  • Incubation & Entrepreneurship

What we value

Expert driven project's

Advanced Technologies

Innovative & creative


Neighbouring CCCIR, Cambrian Innovation Lab helps early-stage start-ups grow and succeed. Backed by a team of academic and industry experts, the incubator provides a wide range of business and professional services from securing funding to marketing strategies. Once incubated, founders are enabled to concentrate on what’s important whilst moving through a concise and focused incubation programme.


Product Innovation

Innovative products are created by adapting to current technologies, upcycling existing technologies, or developing new technologies to meet new demands.

Collaborative Research

CCCIR’s ecosystem is open to industries, businesses, and R&D organizations to work on challenging problems and develop & commercialize new technological products.


Through updated courses in various fields, CCCIR strives to strike an ideal balance between academics and industry researchers.


CCCIR equips the research and problem-solving abilities of qualified engineers, scientists, and sociologists to solve real-life problems. 

CCCIR is committed to solving the world’s pressing problems and helping you to refine and develop your products and projects. The team of scientists at CCCIR is associated with top global agencies to solve research problems.