Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab

CCCIR’s Lab of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) addresses deep research on new theories, models, computational tools, and laboratory measurements for accurate engineering design analysis also control of complex flows.

The team at the lab works on complex CFD problems:

The Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab also provides industry-led courses to help new-age researchers gain a better understanding from a research perspective.

Dr. Sekhar Majumdar

Principal Scientist Computational Fluid Dynamics

Research Projects

CCCIR’s Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab is the best in Bangalore to have completed some of the best cutting-edge research in collaboration with leading national and international corporate giants and research agencies.


CCCIR’s scientist team at Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab has published their findings in SCOPUS and other International journals. These published articles have had several citations in the relevant world of Computational Fluid Dynamics.


The balance of academicians and industry researchers has put together leading and updated courses to help new scientists interested in Computational Fluid Dynamics. These are in-depth and hands-on courses for a research-oriented understanding of the subjects.