Product Innovation

Emphasis is given for new product development under Make in India model and Atmanirbhar initiative. The talent among young graduates need to be harvested and guided towards product development mind set. Product innovation happens by finding new solutions and adopting existing technologies or by developing new technologies for solving existing problems or by up-cycling existing technologies meeting new applications. The eco-system for product innovation and intellectual property management is supported and sponsored by industry, research agencies and private entities.

Mission:  To innovate and commercialize new products leading to entrepreneurship and business


  1. Identifying and prototyping of 100 products with technology innovation and product up-cycling
  2. Development of 20 products of high commercial value and incubate 10 startups with technology transfer model
  3. Securing IPR through 25 patents and technology dissemination through 50 journal publications
  4. Empowering staff and students through the journey of entrepreneurship and building wealth

How we help

  • Understand customer needs — both met and unmet — from your own product offerings plus those of your competitors in order to identify new opportunities
  • Uncover new product opportunities within markets, consumer segments and distribution channels
  • Establish a process for seizing new product opportunities
  • Develop and test new product concepts, including formats and pricing
  • Project sales, profits and market penetration under a variety of scenarios
  • Build go-to-market product launch plans
  • Identify ways to commercialize the data you collect
  • Identify other ancillary revenue strategies 
  • Retool product and service portfolios, including areas where existing products need to be repositioned or rationalized
  • Look for opportunities to reduce development time and costs

Your benefits

  • Reduced costs from fewer product failures
  • Increased revenues from capturing new opportunities
  • Greater internal credibility from a strong track record in new product development
  • Faster time to market due to a more streamlined innovation and product development process

Successful products

  • Completed Projects:
  1. Pilgrims health tracker
  2. Smart Mopping Machine
  3. Portable Weeding Machine
  • On-going Projects:
  1. Semi-automated lace defect detection unit for apparel industry
  2. Depth of anesthesia monitoring
  3. Automated bottle filling unit
  4. Battery refurbishment unit

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