Dr. S.Shankar

Smart Manufacturing and Industrial IOT

Research Area

  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Materials Technology
  • 3D Printing Technology


Dr. S.Shankar a well-known academician, researcher and trainer has been involved into teaching various engineering subjects in Mechanical Engineering domain in reputed engineering colleges in Tamilnadu and in Karnataka as well as deeply involved into various research activities. Presently he is a Professor and Head (R & D) in Mechanical Engineering at Cambridge Institute of Technology, Bengaluru.

Dr.S.Shankar obtained his B.E degree in Mechanical Engineering in the year 1985, Masters, M.E degree in Production Engineering in the year 1990 and MBA in Marketing Management in the year 1996. Later on, he pursued his PhD in Materials Technology (Composite Materials) and obtained Doctoral degree in the year 2015. He has rich academic experience over 34+ years and administrative experience for about 15 years in various capacities.

He has been actively involved into research activities, funded projects for over 5+ years and as students’ project coordinator for about 20 years guiding UG, PG and PhD scholars.

He is a Council Member of NAFEMS India operation and also an active member of NAFEMS India Composite Advisory Group, an International Non-Profit organisation, spearheading the development and effective utilisation of composite materials for various engineering applications. He has conducted many National and International conferences as well as webinars on specific engineering and technological domains and has many publications in National and International journals to his credit. He is widely regarded as a students’ counsellor motivating, inspiring, stimulating and fine-tuning the potential and mind-set of young minds for career prospects. Also, he is the president of the recently constituted CiTech-IIC of MHRD of our college.

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, Composite Materials, JNTUH,2015
  • MBA, (Marketing Management), IGNOU, 1996
  • ME, Production Engineering, Bharathiar University,1990
  • BE, Mechanical Engineering, Madras University,1985

Awards and Honors

  • Presented with Best Researcher award for the year 2020 in I-TEC conference conducted at REVA University, Bangalore.



  • 1 Day webinar on Engineering Simulation in Aerospace and Defence domains
  • 5 Day webinar on Design, Simulation and Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) and Applications in Various Engineering Sectors
  • Process simulation optimisation and additive manufacturing for reengineering of Medical devices.
  • 4 Day webinar on 3D Printing for Design and Advanced Development Applications for Automotive Sector, Medical devices, Customised gifts, Drones and Robotics
  • 3 Day webinar on simulation in Aeronautical and Medical applications
  • 3 Day webinar on Funding opportunities – proposals and research projects for faculty


  • 16 online webinars on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and start-ups conducted by MIC (MHRD’s Innovation Cell)
  • 12 India’s first leadership talk organised by MHRD
  • Attended and completed IIC Innovation Ambassador Training Programme on Entrepreneurship Development conducted by MHRD’s Innovation Cell.
  • Graphene – The future material
  • Health Webinars organised by Cambridge Institute of Technology
  • FDP on Contemporary tools and techniques for teachers and researchers in higher education: Experience of using virtual classrooms
  • The Engine of Innovation by Dr Abraham Zubin.
  • “The How? & Why? of Transitioning to Data Science, for Non IT Professionals”
  • Webinar on “Innovation, Manufacturing and start-ups.
  • Webinar on AI & Cyber Security.
  • Webinar on IPR and Patent Search





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