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Adimatics HPL

Profile: Healthcare software

Date of Incubation: 1st Oct. 2021

Major Activities: Healthcare software development

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Profile: Renewable energy and IOT

Date of Incubation: 15th October 2021

Major Activities: Battery refurbishment and management

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Profile: www.budhiai.com

Date of Incubation: 1st Oct. 2021

Major Activities: Drone Technology

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Profile: Embedded system

Date of Incubation: 1st Feb. 2020

Major Activities: Embedded system applications

Enkefellows Solutions

Profile: MedTech

Date of Incubation: 1st August 2021

Major Activities: DOA product

Per sapien

Profile: Air quality

Date of Incubation: 1st May 2021

Major Activities: Air quality control

Sanarys Private limited

Profile: EDA, Embedded System

Date of Incubation: 10th February 2021

Major Activities: Software & hardware products

Ajaramara Services

Profile: Electronic System

Date of Incubation: 20th October 2021

Major Activities: Product development