Consultancy Centre​

Consultancy, Product Design and Business Development at CCCIR Consultancy Centre

We harness the research and problem solving abilities of qualified engineers, scientists and social scientists for solving real life problems and industry sponsored projects. The consultancy centre aims to bring the academia, industry, business and communities together for their mutual benefit.

We work with industries, businesses, and Research and Development organisations that may want to work on challenging problems, developing a new product concept, new product development and commercialisation or would like to invest in new technology development can access the CCCIR Consultancy Centre ecosystem.

Students and staff are provided access to the CCCIR resources for this purpose. CCCIR is responsible for the promotion, facilitation, coordination and administration of all the sponsored and consultancy projects. The uniqueness lies in the wealth of expertise and extensive modern facilities covering wide-ranging areas of specialization.

Domain Expertise

  • Mechanical Engineering and Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Electronic Product Design
  • AI and IOT


Collaborate with Us:

  • For knowledge creation, technology development & manpower development
  • To avail complementary skills and upgrade its capabilities
  • To access new technologies, infrastructure and resources
  • To pursue multidisciplinary approach
  • To leverage public funding
  • To avail First – Right – Commercialization of new technologies
  • To access qualified personnel for recruitment

A Few Protocols that we follow:

  • Short term projects to solve specific problems of industry, lasting 1-2 years
  • Expected results at the end of the project are jointly defined at the beginning
  • Costing of a consultancy project is as per customers’ requirements and needs

A Few Protocols that we follow:

Project title


Wiring Harness Scrap & Yield Analysis


TAKT time reduction

Part Rationalization

Automation in Lace Testing for Apparel Industry

Shades of India, Delhi

Archives for Apparel Design

Production Planning and Cost Estimation

Completed Projects


Biodiversity and DNA Sequencing Lab
Status: DNA sequencing for water contamination

Silicon Microsystems

Collaborative research – SPANDIG
Status: Working on collaborative research project

Banashree Renewable

Renewable energy – COE
Status: Battery refurbishment

Wellth Systems

HIIT training research
Status: Health monitoring unit

Reverse Engineering

Cyber Security Lab
Status: Data security in Autonomous vehicle 

Pratian Technologies

Upgrading in automotive embedded systems
Status: Training

Pro B

Coconut plant products
Status: Agritech

Everything recycles

Recycling of Sanitary napkin
Status: Product development